Conference Objectives :

The 2nd version of ICCAP’2023 conference objectives are resumed as follow:

1. In this version of ICCAP’2023 conference, we have introduced a new and important topic of actuality: “Data Science and Artificial intelligence (AI) for Physical and Chemical Materials”, “Micro and Nano Physics (MEMS, NEMS, BIOMEMS, RFMEMS, Sensor and
Actuator) and Metamaterials: Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Characterization” and “Medical Image Processing methods and their applications” targeting searchers interested in the data science, Image processing and (AI) of physical, chemical, smart and biophysical materials . This conference represents an important platform for researchers and students coming from academia and industry from different regions of the world to present their research results and activities in this emerging research field and to bring the researchers of multidisciplinary sciences and to touch the current topics.

2. Gathering Algerian and foreign scientists and researchers and offer them the opportunity to exchange information, update knowledge in different areas of research and discuss the orientations of scientific research from the international community

3. Involve doctorants & students of master and present them the interest of the fields of materials physics and its applications

4. Present the main novelties in the field of computational and applied physics.

5. Establish collaborations with foreign specialist laboratories in the field of computational and applied physics.