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Année 2015
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Année 2014
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Année 2013
41 Abderrahmen Bouguerra, Djamel Saigaa, Kamel Kara, Samir Zeghlache,

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Année 2012
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Année 2011
34 Belmili, Hocine ; Haddadi Mourad, Med Aitcheikh, Salah ; Chikouche, Ahmed

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Année 2010

FACTS location and size for reactive power system compensation through the multi-objective optimization, Archives of Control Sciences, Volume 20(LVI), No. 4, 2010, pages 473–489 ,


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Année 2009
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Année 2008
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Année 2007
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Année 2006
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Année 2005
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Année 2004
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Année 2003
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Année 2002
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Publisher Item Identifier : S 0018-9464(02)02779-6 .

Année 2001
Année 2000