Vice Rectorat de la Planification

Mot du Vice-Recteur

Dr. AIT SAADI Mohamed Hocine

Vice Recteur chargé  du Développement, Prospective, et de l’Orientation

The Vice Rectorate for Development, Prospective and Orientation plays an important and effective role in driving forward the development of projects acquired for the benefit of the university in various fields, the aim being to provide all the appropriate and comfortable conditions for improving the level of study, by monitoring construction projects on one hand, attracting new projects on the other, and finally, monitoring transformation operations; through the use of the latest technologies available to provide the necessary basic pedagogical, administrative and cultural structures.

Staffed by a highly competent and motivated team (including PhDs, architects, engineers, masters and TSs), our Vice Rectorate for Development, Prospective and Orientation VRDOP is the “lung” of central administration management at Blida1 University.

 In addition to its development prerogatives, the VRDOP is responsible for the heavy financial endowment of scientific and research equipment for the research laboratories and teaching premises, via the “DGRSDT” Research Department and the Development and Foresight Department (DDP/MESRS) of the supervisory authority.

Our team will spare no effort in working alongside all administrative staff throughout our institution, in order to combine our efforts and converge them towards the same goal; the aim being to ensure the qualitative development of our university and its environment.