Study of changes in junction's proteins: symplekin and beta-catenin in the retro differentiation of colorectal cells
* University of Blida ** - ENS-Kouba *** CHU BENI-MESSOUS


The aim of this work is to clarify whether changes in expression of symplekin and beta catenin; junction’s proteins in epithelial cells are correlated with the evolutionary stage of primary colorectal tumors or metastases. For this we performed a histological examination and biochemical studies in Algerian patients on human tissue samples at different stages of tumorigenesis and healthy tissue. On these samples, we evaluated the expression of these proteins and their location by electrophoresis in the presence of SDS (SDS-PAGE) according to the state of differentiation of the tumor, compared with healthy tissue. In our results, the expression of both proteins is apparent in normal tissues. Grade I (well differentiated) both proteins are weakly expressed. In grade II (moderately differentiated), the total disappearance of the two proteins. For undifferentiated tumors (grade III), we observed a resurgence of the two bands corresponding to two proteins with high expression levels of symplekin.

Key words
B-catenin, Colorectal cancer, differentiation, junctions’ proteins, SDS-PAGE, symplekin.